I Resolve…

This year I have 3 main resolutions (that would concern you on this blog that is) they are as follows…

1. Look after my hair
2. Look after my skin
3. From the 1st January until the 1st March – NO SPENDING! 

So technically the third isn’t a resolution for the whole year but I will still be pretty impressed if i manage to keep it all the same. The reason for the spending ban is our trip to Vegas on March 18th. I’m allowing myself a couple of weeks off just before in case there are any last minute “essentials” I need to pick up. We need to save as much as we can for spending money while we’re over there and once we’re back we intend to save towards a new car so hopefully I will learn over the next 2 months how little I actually NEED to spend and can continue to cut back once the self-imposed ban is lifted. I don’t know about you but like most shopaholics (yes it’s a real thing!) I get a buzz from the initial spend, I shop to make myself feel better and of course I shop because I have a seemingly unending list of must-have items I do not yet posses. I am going to try my absolute darnedest not to shop for that short(ish) time and if I can do it ANYONE can.. who’s with me?
The relationship I have with my hair has always been the same. I expect too much out of it when I put very little in. I TORTURE my hair and expect it to shine and grow faithfully and when it doesn’t I lose interest. I chop it off (MYSELF!!!) because it needs a cut and then I’m bored with the colour and so bleach the health right back out of it.. It’s put up with an awful lot from me over the years and it’s about time I gave it some proper attention. I am 25 now (soon to be 26), the time for pink streaks and home highlights is over! I hate to have it cut but I know it must be done. The split ends are spreading and it’s breaking off halfway up my lengths.. I’ve spent mountains of cash on treatments, conditioners and oils only to realise until it’s been seen by a licenced professional nothing will help. My hair is effectively a money pit right now so.. I declare 2012 “Project Hair”. On January 1st I will take a picture of my hair as it both dried naturally, straightened and the state of my ends. I will shortly after be visiting the salon for the first time in over 2 years for a cut and making repeat appointments for regular trims until such a time that the condition will actually allow it to grow. I have already started some necessary damage control and added a heat protectant to my regime (never before used *slaps wrists*), will limit heat styling to once a week and just generally be as kind as I possibly can be to my poor, neglected mop. I know lots of people initially found my videos and blog through my hair adventures and I hope to be able to help those of you who did by taking you on this next journey with me. I will be regularly updating on condition, what I’m using and of course GROWTH and sincerely hope this time next year to have the beautiful hair I’ve always dreamt of.
Skin. I thought I’d found my skincare mojo earlier this year. I have my HG Clean & Clear Moisturiser and I found Superdrugs Tea Tree Toner and Cleanser to be a great addition to my routine.. Then I discovered Liz Earle. All I will say is it is everything they’ve said it is and more. If it’s not working for you chances are you’re not doing it right or you’re not doing it regularly. The first few times I tried it I wasn’t impressed but once it became a nightly cleanse.. wow! I’ll admit I’m not great at keeping up a routine but now I know what it can do for my skin I really do try to get it in once a day. I just invested in a huge 150ml pump so that will definitely be a 2012 staple. As /i mentioned previously I have recently acquired a Clarisonic (very exciting!) also so between the two I am confident I will see a huge improvement in my skin. Unforunately as I’ve grown older my skin has changed and my trusty clean & clear doesn’t seem to be doing the same magic it once did. It’s still a great treatment for blemishes but I require something a little heavier to see me through now so I’m on the look out for my next great moisturiser.. i may go back to Clinique. Lastly one addition I will definitely be purchasing in the new year is a good eye cream. I’m considering the Loreal Youth Code range at the moment.. but then should I go the whole hog and get the matching night cream too? I’m quite sure that’s a post in itself. 
It must be my age and where I’m at in my life (nearly married with 2 kids) I feel settled an I feel my appearance should reflect that. I don’t want to look like a teenager with ratty hair and spotty skin.. I can afford to forgo my weekly makeup fix (or at least downsize it) to make way for some much needed base-level pampering, can’t I? I mean after all anything I put on my skin or my hair will look so much better when they are in great condition. Being a blogger is great for so many reasons but one that’s fitting now is motivation. If I don’t do these things someone (or someoneS) will question me.. almost give me a hard time about it and while that may not always be desirable it’s sometimes good to have that angel on your shoulder guiding you towards to right path. In this case it’s a tweet in my pocket but it’s the same principle. 
So they are my resolutions. I’ve been realistic, I’m not setting unachievable goals but they are challenging for me and I will have to work to keep them. Each has it’s own reward which I’d very much like to reap so I’m asking you to please remind me of them when you see me slipping.
What will you change for the better in 2012?

Miss BB


  1. 30 December, 2011 / 2:01 am

    Ive been thinking about my resolutions. Never done any before but I think that next year is the year!!

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. 30 December, 2011 / 2:29 am

    I definately need to share the hair and skin resolutions, both of mine have suddenly become a mess after ages of flippant bad-treatment on my behalf – oops! Good point about anything you buy looking better on healthy and pampered skin and hair too.

    Phoebe x


  3. 30 December, 2011 / 5:25 am

    Hehe you either read my mind or read my comment on your blog or vid about the 'no buy' i am undertaking as of jan 1st. I wondered if you'd take on the idea – great minds! I think it will do us both good to be honest and mines for 3months also. We are having private fertility treatments in jan/feb so feels only right to reign in my spending while he uses his savings *lol. Ive also considered youth code , looks amazing! But im on derma genesis at the moment. Since deciding on the no buy i havent stopped spending lol its like preparing for famine! Msbutterflybaybee – rachelX

  4. 30 December, 2011 / 11:37 am

    I like your resolutions – they're both practical and achievable, so good luck!


  5. 30 December, 2011 / 1:14 pm

    wow the no spending is going to be so hard, esp with all the sales about, if you stick to that you deserve a very big pat on the back. Totally agree about the other two, my poor hair is still suffering from bleach damage and I get a good cut everytime I go the hairdressers even tho I hate this short hair I know thats the only thing that will really help it. Good Luck x x

  6. 31 December, 2011 / 9:21 pm

    Naked is a great skin care range, Its cheap aswell but that is probibly contradicting the no spending resolution lol.
    Ive got a review on naked skin care on my blog

    Allbeauty20.blogspot.com x

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