If It Was Good Enough For Cleo..


In the beauty blogging world luxury bath products might just be more popular than lipstick but there’s not much luxury to be found on a budget in my experience so when I saw this in a little shop in Leeds I had to try it. I think it was around £4.50 for the whole sachet and I’d say you’d get 4 generous portions out of just one pack so if consider the hoards willing to pay £5 for a one use bath bomb this is pretty good value. That being said I’m not convinced it actually did anything. I’m always a bit dubious about bath products to begin with and aside from nice smells and pretty colours I’m not sure what most of them do but I will continue to work my way through them in the name of research.

I’ve just found this product online for a little cheaper and there’s a refillable jar version that seems to be a much better deal so if I was to repurchase I would buy that for sure. It claims to soften the skin and I don’t know if my skin is just not that dry or if it’s just not that effective but I saw no results.. I do however like the whole experience of adding powder/salts to my bath pre-soak and as I usually wash my hair/shave my legs in the same water I generally avoid oils and products that leave residue so there’s another pro for this. If you use enough it clouds the water ever so but there’s no discernible fragrance.. in all I’m not entirely sure this is worth any money at all but if you’ve tried this and love it please leave me a comment because it may just be that I’m not the target market.

You can find Dr Rose Apothecary products online here

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