Illamasqua Earth

“Earth celebrates origins & the passes of time. Echoing warmth, iridescent light and power.”

The latest collection from Illamasqua is technically named after the element by way of a symbol but that’s tough to find on a keyboard so Earth will have to do. It’s actually one of the less daring and ‘out there’ launches for an otherwise edgy brand and everything pictured is going to be really easy to wear.. yes even that eyeshadow. It’s all kind of reminiscent of the palette I swatched yesterday, isn’t it? Now we’ve hit Autumn I think our pantone 2015 colour may have finally found it’s place.

I only recently discovered the joys that are Illamasqua lipsticks and that’s been well documented here so no surprises this satin, brick red (Kin) was a clear stand out for me. Excellent texture, so opaque and creamy but with a semi-matte/satin finish.. I just love it. They’re pricier than my average lipstick splurge but really just so good. The shadow palette (Nomadic) might be my first experience with their shadows if my memory serves me and honestly? It didn’t wow me. I’m not sure if it’s just because I swatched it AFTER the incredible loose pigments but the khaki and rust colours didn’t swatch as well as I’d hoped. I might have to do a full makeup look with this collection (maybe a video) to see how it all really works together but the gunmetal and the pale greige had better pigmentation.

Below I had a little too much fun swatching and got carried away but the top two are the pigments, (Draco & Ara) seperated by Kin Lipstick then the eyeliner in Iron (we’ll get to that) and the palette at the bottom.

The polish that’s put together with the launch is a bit ‘meh’ but makes sense given the name, Element. This isn’t the worlds best example of it but I wanted to swatch it for the post however rudementary. I do like the slight swirl/brush stroke effect it leaves in the colour but otherwise it’s just not my shade. Beautiful as gunmetal nails go though. The eyeliner or ‘Slick Stick’ is in an almost identical colour that prior to swatching I didn’t think I’d use but man oh man does it stay put?! It is a waterproof liner but many claim that, this didn’t leave my hand for a day and half, it wore through two showers and copious hand washing! I’ve worn it on my eyes around the house to test it out a little and it seems to really hold, I might have to look in to the other shades they do!

Available online here

I am a little too excited about the upcoming season, all these earthy tones have me in the mood to go jump in a pile of leaves but unfortunately we will have wait out the last drizzly weeks of ‘Summer’ first *sigh*

Miss BB

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  1. 27 August, 2015 / 11:46 pm

    The lipstick is beautiful on you. I have been looking for a shade like this for a while and this is definitely what my makeup collection is missing. Illamasqua is a brand that never dissapoints me and I have been meaning to try out their lovely lipstick range.

    Great review, Have a lovely day! ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  2. Beca
    28 August, 2015 / 4:10 pm

    I love the look of this range, all of the new releases are getting me so excited for autumnal makeup 😀

  3. Gracie lou
    30 August, 2015 / 10:00 am

    Such a gorgeous lip colour, looks really lovely on you!

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