I’m baaaackk!

I decided I would get back on the YouTube train… I have been so busy over Christmas with work that every spare moment was precious and then I was poorly at New Year so now I am back.. I will be uploading as often as possible.. this of course means that not all videos will go up HD.. in order to upload often I will need to film from my phone most of the time, it’s just so much quicker to get up so you guys can see it! I will endeavour to film tutorials only on my good camera so it shouldn’t really matter what TAGs etc is quality wise anywho!
So… I know I’ve been totally taking over the blogsphere with tutorial pics lately but the video never really does the look justice I don’t think so I need to get those pics up somehow! 
Hope you are all perfectly well and enjoy your 2011 so far. Thanks for sticking with me and hi to all my new readers.. I seem to have had a sudden boost, I don’t know where you all came from but WELCOME! 
I don’t like to have more blogposts than followers so spread the word because I’m treading a dangerous line with that right now, blogging so often!
I will pop up one last post tonight to accompany and currently uploading tutorial (yes another one!) and in case you haven’t noticed I have added my fave youtubers of the moment to my left sidebar – this will change regularly as I pick up on different people I can’t get enough of so make sure to check back to see what I’m watching right now! 
love you all
miss bb

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