In is The New Out!


I read recently that a Ladbrokes Bingo survey showed nearly 70% of women prefer a girls night in to a girls night out. I am definitely among that 70%, don’t get me wrong I like to party but I would far prefer to look and feel better the next day than worse! Pampering is paramount among us beauty junkies, we primp and preen more now than ever before so I thought I would share a few tips and tricks to keep the costs down when you’re treating yourself to an at home spa day.

First and foremost you want a nice, relaxing scent to set the mood, I purchased this nspa candle for a bargainous £3 from Asda recently, the whole range smells amazing and the home fragrance is no exception. Of course a candle isn’t going to cut it if you’re sitting in a noisy/messy environment so de-clutter, dim the lights (put the kids to bed) and settle in for an evening of tranquility.

I can’t imagine there is anyone reading this that hasn’t at one time or another dabbled with face masks but for most that’s probably as close to an at home facial as you’ve attempted. Above are are 6 DIY steps for glowing skin!


Take this opportunity to massage your skin, this alone will brighten your complexion. Try to use upward strokes rather than down. Dragging on your skin can lead to premature aging and given how much we shell out for anti-wrinkle potions we definitely don’t need that!


Next you’re going to slough away those dead cells on the surface of your skin making it look dull and lackluster. In the photo above I am using a little rubber ‘scrublet’ but you could use a face scrub or even a chemical exfoliant to do the job.


Next step is STEAM. Pour boiling water into a bowl and hold your head over it..if you like you can place a towel over your head to capture the steam. It’s like a facial sauna and opens your pores in preparation for step 4..


I’m using The Body Shop’s Tea Tree mask here as it addresses my oily, blemish prone skin but you can take this time to treat whatever skin issues you may have with a suitable mask.


I’m not entirely sold on ‘toners’ but this step is to ensure your skin is totally clean and close your pores after the mask so you can choose to use a toner or use cold water.


Again this all depends on your skins specific issues, here’s when you hydrate generally but if you’re super dry you will be looking for a heavier moisuriser than I would.

It’s super easy! If you’re alone, take a long soak in the tub for an all round spa experience or better still invite over your girlfriends, put SATC on and crack open the vino.. who needs to go out when you can stay IN?

We all need a little me time, when you feel tired, you look tired and if you’re as vain as I am you’re probably already reaching for the scented candle..

Miss BB

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