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IMG_3637You guys know I’m a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates however I’ve realised it’s really only in the Winter months that I reach for my bath oils. No real reason for that as I take a bath every day rather than a shower but I guess it’s more of a cold weather thing for me. I don’t use them often as I’m usually washing my hair/shaving my legs and oil in the bath is condusive with neither of those activities so it’s a real treat when I get to lay still in the heady aroma a few drops create in my bathroom.. while watching YouTube, of course.

IMG_3634AA do AMAZING Christmas gift sets every year and always do a huge wardrobe of minis which is seriously the best gift someone could buy me but I have some smaller stocking stuffer type presents to show you today. They’re a more affordable way to sample the awesomeness and whether it be for yourself or a friend I can guarantee you will be hooked after the first use! I have to be honest, I have a mini vial of the Inner Strength oil already and so I will likely be giving The Star away to a friend this festive season but the roller ball is just too good to share. I am just pants at describing fragrance so I’ll quote the site which says that Instant Inner Strength has Clary Sage, Cardamom and Frankincense which is your anything like me will mean nothing to me but I’d describe the scent as uplifting but also calming. Their descriptions are always spot on, I’m not an aromatherapy expert and more than bergamot being energising and lavender making me sleepy I know absolutely nothing but every oil I’ve tried has done exactly what it said it would. They are so strong that you need just the tiniest amount and although they’re expensive if you compare a 55ml bottle of Deep Relax (my personal favourite, super effective if you struggle to get to sleep) to say one use bath bombs at £3 each – I can get at least 20 used from a full bottle which makes each use less than £2 – big cost up front but SO much better than any other bath product I’ve tried so although very much not budget beauty I would 100% recommend it. The rollerball now lives in my handbag for on the go pick me ups and for £15 I will definitely be buying another.. I just wish they did other scents in this form.

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  1. 14 November, 2014 / 11:09 am

    I love Inner Strength and it’s a great idea to have as a rollerball – I’ve been known to dab the bath oil on my wrists but that’s distinctly messier.

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