It’s all over!!!

Hey Guys!
So it’s over… it’s all over!
I can’t say I’m not dissappointed but my dreams of a Vegas wedding have finally been quashed.
What with the divorces taking forever to go through and Lee losing his job it just isn’t going to happen.
So all my plans were pretty much for nothing, that’s pretty gutting.
I think what will probably happen now is we will get married in London… this was one of our fallback ideas all along but we were never settled on it.
We have everything we need to go get married.. we just need to be officially divorced and then it will be like a 2 week wait and we will hot foot it down south and do the deed.
Of course I will be taking you guys with me and there should be many makeup/hair trials/tutorials in the weeks leading up to it but i think we could be waiting till christmas 🙁

Ah well I’ll keep you guys updated as I go along


miss bb


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