Well.. it’s official… we have booked the trips to Vegas. I can tell you we will be visiting in March 2012 and I thought I’d share some photos of the hotel we finally decided on. We were umming and ahhing over so many but this one doesn’t suck for location and the suites are just awesome so… it’s done!
The Signature at The MGM Grand
When I went last I spent the majority of my days lazing by the pool and totally missed the whole Vegas experience so I don’t intend to waste my time there this time. That being said that pool is epic and will no doubt draw me in once or twice. We can use all of the MGM facilities which is nice but the Signature is gated and everything there is reserved for hotel guests so in theory it will be quieter than the rest of the strip hotels. I think we’re still set on The Chapel of The Bells for the wedding, I haven’t seen anywhere I like more so that’s that and the prices are really reasonable. We’ll see, there’s always time to change my mind.. we may not even book that in advance so it could be whatever we come across over there.
To say we are excited right now would be an under-statement. It feels like we have been waiting for this trip since we met so it will be so appreciated when it’s finally here..
I bought another dress option recently so stay tuned for some pictures.. they will go up for the vote very soon!


  1. 1 July, 2011 / 8:48 pm

    looks gorgeous hun, i bet you can't wait!
    we drove past the chapel of the bells when we were there last month and it looked really nice- good choice! xx

  2. 7 July, 2011 / 11:11 pm

    How exciting!!! I love the signature at MGM Grand and you're right it was much quieter than other hotels on the strip.Chapel of the bells is gorgeous and its going to make for beautiful pictures! xx

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