It’s Summer In The City

I am beyond frustrated right now after losing most of the pictures I took in London yesterday with stylesocoy leaving me with very little to share with you and her with no OOTD shots. Today is not going to be my day. Long story short I was filming, I was exporting and things were deleted never to be retrieved.. ugh! Anyway I thought I’d share the snaps I did salvage from the Dorothy Perkins/Herbal Essences Event in the afternoon and then hopefully I’ll be able to cobble something together from my instagram pics *sob*
The Dorothy Perkins range was part of the summer collection so the event was a refresher I guess.. it’s nice to see season appropriate clothing on the hottest day of the year! What we saw will be available in stores soon and some pieces are already online from what I’ve seen here
You can get a little peek of Kat’s outfit in the background here.. she was wearing a really lovely coral shirt dress and white blazer, very summery compared to my black, grey and navy ensemble! I was excited to see the tousle me softly range from Herbal Essences being promoted as it was one of my favourites last summer and you never know what might be discontinued but it looks like this is sticking around – good news!
That’s all for now.. I’m off to scream in to a pillow!
Miss BB

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  1. 26 May, 2012 / 4:43 pm

    How sad that you lost all your pics! I'm new toy your blog and was looking at your old posts – Do you still do the featured follower thing? I was thinking of doing a similar thing on my blog (a much smaller one than yours!) and wondered if you would mind? I just think its a great idea to raise awareness of smaller blogs and get to know each other more!xx

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