It’s That Time Again..


The time for boy stuff. Whether you’re buying for your Dad or you partner there’s likely to be a man in your life that’s expecting some kind of gift this weekend so I thought I would share three of my favourite fragrances for men in a bid to inspire your shopping. First of all there’s a huge elephant in the room (or not as it were) as I am missing out my all time favourite aftershave, Boss Bottled. Once a year I buy Lee a huge bottle and it’s usually his staple but over the past 12 months he’s amassed a modest collection of other options so when that ran out it wasn’t repurchased. Rest assured though it is still the nicest scent out there for a man in my opinion and given that it’s been on the market for an absolute age you can usually get a pretty good deal on it too – see here. Anyway, on to what I actually have to show you..

Lacoste Noir – £38.95

Again, I think this is really affordable given that that price is for 100ml! It’s a new launch for 2013 too. Although you would expect it to be a heavier evening fragrance given it’s dark name it’s actually quite fresh and summery.. says my husband. Bizarrely it has notes of Watermelon, Lavender and Dark Chocolate, whaat?? I know.. but somehow it just works.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men – £31.95

Another great value scent as this is a 100ml bottle too. This is a more nostalgic scent for me than anything as it’s what Lee wore when we were first together so from time to time I will buy him a set at Christmas or for his Birthday and it’s as much for me as it is for him. Fragrance is so emotive, don’t you agree? This is sweet and musky and everything I’d look for in an aftershave, sandalwood is one of my favourite notes and vanilla is a great bonus.

YSL Le Nuit De L’Homme – £47.99

This is the higher end of the bunch but its come down a lot in price since I bought it.. the large bottle is now relatively affordable where is was once closer to £80 (ouch). This is the fragrance that Lee keeps for best, it’s heavier hence the ‘Le Nuit’ name and it just smells expensive.. if that’s possible. He actually got a sample of this in the Glossybox for men (RIP) last year and I’m so glad because I don’t think we’d have ever known about it otherwise and it’s one of my favourites now.

Aftershave’s an easy one, I would buy pants for my husband but not for my Dad although I know underwear and socks is up there on the gift list come Fathers Day, what do you buy the relevant parties at this time of year? Fragrance Direct are running a big promotion for Dads so if you’re still stuck for ideas or just looking to save some money you can check out their site here. I don’t buy perfume anywhere before I’ve checked their prices! – Last note, gifts sets are usually the same price as individual bottles so double check there’s not a better value deal to be had before buying.

Miss BB

*Lacoste fragrance was sent to me to review


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