January brings the SALES…

To give you an indication of the crowds I faced this boxing day.. Here are the poor men and children abandoned outside the Next sale…

I avoided the crazed masses and shopped early on my break.. Here’s a peek at what I picked up…
I loved this bracelet from warehouse.. And I’m not normally a jewellery person.. It was just too nice to pass up!

I picked up a little something for Lee from Origins.. A shaving time treat for his winter weathered face! He’s tried it and loves it already.. 5*s for Origins!

Next up.. My first topshop makeup purchases!

I bought an eyeshadow palette for half price (practically free) there’s no shade name/number so I can’t tell you what it is but the swatches are below..

And one without flash…

I liked this little pullout that came with it too 🙂

I also got this lipgloss, this DID have a name, “tropic” very coral/orange… I’m not mega keen on the formula.. Not so thick and only about as glossy as a balm! Wouldn’t be a great longlasting product!

The above swatch is the best for a true idea of the colour..

One with flash to show off all that glitter..

Lastly I couldn’t resist my first ever Givenchy buy.. This gloss was nearly half price PLUS I get 20% staff discount so how could I say no?

The colour is 22 “Magenta Impression” and it smells blissfully fruity and goes on like a dream!

It’s a really warm but hot pink..

The true colour is somewhere between this picture..

And this one..

So they were my first sale purchases of the season!
What have you guys been treating yourselves to over the past few days?
Miss BB

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