Jergens – Ultra Healing

As an avid Youtube viewer I see Jergens raved about by American beauty guru’s all the time but it doesn’t seem to get quite as much exposure from the UK bloggers. Hopefully that’s about to change as they are upping the anti with a brand new UK launch in association with Marie Claire. To celebrate the launch they are giving you the chance to ‘visibly transform your skin and see it in a fabulous photoshoot’ for the magazine. If you’re interested you can enter here.. but I know what you really want to know is.. is it any good?

I have a vast collection of body lotions and potions and having tried so many I consider myself an authority of affordable body care. This is thick and creamy in texture and although it soaks in to my skin and I don’t have to flap around my bedroom waiting to dry off it still leaves me feeling somewhat dewy. I notice an instant effect and the best part for me is that is calms the angriest shaving rash without burning or irritating my skin in anyway. That being said it does have a subtle fragrance so if you are someone who’s skin will errupt at the slight whiff or a perfumed product it may not be for you but it’s very faint and I can’t imagine it causing trouble for anyone other than the uber sensitive. Overall it does what it says on the tin. It’s somewhere between a lotion and a butter in hydration terms but it’s thicker and feels nicer to apply that lotion and it doesn’t leave that greasy film like a butter so it really is the best of both worlds if like me your skin is dry and itchy even in the height of (what is supposed to be) Summer.

Miss BB


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