Jo Loves / Fragrance Paintbrush

I was sent these two fragrances last week and the gimmick-lover in me was so excited. I hadn’t tried anything from the brand either so it was a double whammy when I got in to the first ‘Pomelo’ scent.


First impressions were that the initial hit was a really strong alcohol smell and at first I thought ‘oh, this isn’t for me’. Once it dried down, though, it was a sharp, masculine fragrance that (although unusual) I really enjoyed.

Green Orange & Coriander has a similar (traditionally) masculine tone but this is warmer (reminds me a little of SJP Stash). Both are heavier, evening/winter fragrances for me.

As an introduction to the brand, I enjoy the scents, however, the packaging is disappointing. It’s great for travel, leak proof, safe to throw in your bag and the gel itself lasts longer than my average spritz would, but of the two I have, one is already either empty or broken.

After only a couple of uses, it gives me no product at all, regardless of how much I ‘pump’. I can’t tell whether it’s dried up or the mechanism is broken but had I spent £40 on it, I wouldn’t be very happy. I’m sure customer services would replace the dud but I think it’s worth mentioning because as much as I love the paintbrush element, I think there’s room for improvement and had I packed it as my only fragrance for a trip, I’d be in a pickle if it suddenly decided to stop working.

As Jo Loves goes, I’m adding ‘Pomelo’ to my Christmas shopping list in its original form because I’m totally sold

Would you try a paintbrush perfume?



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