John Freida 3 Day Straight

I got this a week or so ago and tried it out. I didn’t think much to it and put it away, assuming it would be relegated to my drawer of things I never use. I was reading up on it and discovered that the product contains keratin protein. I am all about protein treatments right now and so I thought I’d give it another whirl and follow the instructions to the letter. As you’re drying your hair it feels like you have a strange residue, not unlike hairspray! It’s heat activated and you need to finish with straightening irons for this stuff to work. Once I was done it was super shiny, soft and “swishy”.
My hair is coarse and dry and 3 day straight even made my ends look healthier!
Take a look at some before and afters below..

With regards to the 3 day claim.. I knew this wouldn’t work for me and it doesn’t. My hair kinks overnight and it doesn’t keep the smooth straight look any better with this product than without. It does still feel silky smooth and conditioned though and that’s more important to me. I have naturally wavy hair so it’s a nice product but this is formulated for curly hair so I would imagine it would make a more noticeable impact there.
All in all I would probably buy again, just because I like the idea that it’s an at home brazilian blowdry for less that £8. 
Have any of you guys tried this yet? Are you going to?
I’d be interested to hear from you curly girls out there.. does this really last 3 days for you?
miss bb

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  1. Anonymous
    9 December, 2011 / 12:56 pm

    as a woman with naturally curly I find 3 day straight makes me feel both sexy and confident.

    It last for around 1.78 days but I find if I buy 2 bottles I usually get 5.3.

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