John Frieda – Full Repair – Heat Activated Styling Spray

How have I managed NOT to blog about this yet? I think it’s the final Full Repair product in my drafts and it’s already been in a monthly favourites video.. I kind of assumed I’d already raved about this here but apparently not.. so here goes. It’s my opinion that this is a similar (if not identical) product to the 3 days straight – also John Frieda, also a heat activated styling spray. The difference between the two is that this is marketed for all styles – so curly girls can finally hold their waves too! Like I say.. I’m not sold that they’re actually different products but this is £1 cheaper for the same volume and effectively does the same thing for me. It will hold my blowdry overnight and that’s pretty impressive for a majorly fidgety sleeper like myself. I haven’t used it enough with curls to really say whether it would keep them intact but if you have please feel free to leave a comment with your experience – good or bad! This styling spray leaves my hair looking shiny without feeling like it has product in it and it even has the added benefit of a built in heat protectant.. and hey.. Wouldn’t ya just know it? So does the 3 days straight! – You see where I’m going with this..

Whether they’re the same product repackaged or not I liked it the first time and I love it for a lower price so it gets a giant seal of approval from me!

Available from Boots for £5.99

Miss BB

*PR Sample


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