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Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 17.08.17So 1. I’m a ‘Christmasologist.. I know! and 2. I’m a ‘fashion expert’ – hilarious as each of those terms may sound I feel that if ANYONE was going to be a Christmasologist it should be me (with Fee and Adrienne running close second/third) and although I’m an expert at precisely nothing Winter is my favourite time for fashion. You don’t need to worry about baring any skin, you can snuggle up in your warmest, thickest clothes and be just as stylish as those wearing next to nothing in the summer time – score! I speak a little about my favourite festive trends in the below video if you’re interested. I’m told it’s been playing on the big screen at The Trafford Centre (Manchester) which is pretty darn cool but given that I’m not local to that area I will likely never see it. In case by this point you’re totally lost I’m working with Intu (a chain of malls, including The Trafford Centre) to chat about Winter style so within that I am extending that chat to twitter this evening 7-8pm. If you want to come and ask me your fashion (or beauty, hey why not?) questions all you need to do it use the hashtag #askintu and I will be responding from their MANY twitter accounts during that hour!

Miss BB

*post is part of a larger body of work for which I am being paid by Intu


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