Journey to Debt Free

I posted a YouTube video last month talking about my plan to pay off my debts and save some cash in 2020 – basically to grow up financially and get my act together.

The response was crazy, the most comments I’ve received on a video in quite a while and the overwhelming message was that I was ‘brave’. This, I think, is the problem.

I don’t know if it’s a pride thing or a British thing but we don’t talk about money. We don’t talk to our friends about money, we don’t talk to our family about money, some of us don’t even talk to our partners about money.

We grow up being told it’s rude to discuss how much you spent or how much you earn and so when we find ourselves out in the world, it’s no wonder so many of us are ill equipped to manage our finances!

I personally had to address my relationship with money and spending because I found myself earning more than I ever had and yet still in debt. I am very much one of those ‘if you won a million, you’d spend a million and one’ kind of people but after laughing that off for almost 20 years I decided I wanted to change.

We are hoping to move next year and I want to start our new life with money in the bank rather than credit card debt and given that that will impact the content I create (no more hauls for the sake of hauls) I felt I needed to address it.

After so many of you told me you wanted to change too I decided to document my debt free journey and so we’re kicking off here. I don’t know if I’ll ever share actual figures (maybe at the end?) but I’ve started a project pan series (using up what you have) and I’m going to be updating regularly on both that and how I’m feeling about the change.

I’m going to talk about why I leant on spending when I was low, how I am re-educating myself and perhaps we’ll sprinkle in some fun ‘guess what I almost bought!’ posts here and there too.

I know I’m not alone and if you’re reading this then you’re just as involved in this big consumer blogging machine as I am but we can break the habits and we definitely don’t need to buy that new foundation we saw on insta this morning!


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