IMG_0613I used to film videos for my ‘vlog channel’ called KhiFlix, the general premise being to chit chat about what shows I was watching and to gather new recommendations from like-minded telly-addicts. I haven’t done one for ages but they’ve been requested so I thought what I might do instead is a blog version and see how you guys like it.. if at all.

I watch A LOT of TV, I can’t watch while I’m writing or editing.. or of course filming but while I import, export, edit pictures, TAKE pictures, clean the house, put away clothes, cook, BATHE.. pretty much every other waking hour, I’m watching TV. Because I work from home 3 out of 5 days that’s a lot of potential TV time so I’m always on the look out for new shows to watch but it’s been a bit quiet on that front recently so I’m currently rewatching (thanks, Netflix) some of my old favourites..

The Vampire Diaries

If you are into the Supernatural and a strong romantic subtext I think you’ll love this. It’s not TOO teeny, of the 3 major Vampire franchises, Twilight, True Blood and TVD I’d slot it in the middle, with Twilight feeling very much younger and True Blood being VERY adult. Think Twilight episode 4.. the one with the wedding/honeymoon/sex. The story initially focuses on 2 main characters who are drawn together but opens up to so much more, a much better show than I had imagined it would be and I’m almost halfway through a second run. The spin off ‘The Originals’ doesn’t really grab me in the same way and the later seasons of TVD aren’t really either but it’s still worth a watch if you want something with a lot of seasons to binge on.

Pretty Little Liars

Much as with the above it’s young but I think this one is a bit TOO young for most over 25’s. I fall in to that category but would still happily watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch if it was on so my taste isn’t perhaps the most sophisticated to begin with but if you like a bit of light thriller action you might like this. The theme here is mystery, someone is missing and the main cast receive texts from an anonymous source with clues about her disappearance. I think we’re in season 7 now and again they’re kind of losing me at this point but up to about season 5 it was really good.. another show I’ve watched at least twice all the way through.

Greys Anatomy

This isn’t on UK Netflix, I’m watching it on Sky box sets.. Can you believe I’d never seen it? The first couple of seasons.. maybe 3 actually had me wanting more and desperate to watch the next episode but I’m in season 5 now and just watching them as and when between other shows. It’s a medical drama but again there’s a strong romantic storyline which is generally what keeps me hooked so possibly why right now I don’t feel that way as there’s nothing really happening in that department. There are SO many seasons to catch up on and they’re still making it so if you’re looking to fill a TV void this could be your guy!

Gossip Girl

I started rewatching this one because of our upcoming trip to New York.. I’m realising I’m probably ‘too old’ to be watching everything but Greys so far but hey, I don’t really care! This is a similar idea to PLL in that there’s an anonymous source posting information and nobody knows how they got it or who they are. There are some really dodgy plots in some parts but it did keep drawing me back in and I’ve watched and rewatched several times. I love the Blair/Serena relationship but there’s another I like more which I can’t mention because *spoiler* and I’m not that guy! Oh and in the end you do find out who Gossip Girl is and it’s way more satisfying than finding out who A is in PLL.. that was AWFUL!

Beauty & The Beast

I’m going to be quick with this one because as far as I know there’s nowhere you can watch it in the UK. I used to have access to dodgy US Netflix before they cracked down on that (thanks, Netflix) and every time I’ve found it on UK TV it’s been midway through a season and I hate that so I’m buying them on iTunes a bit at a time. It’s a remake of the 80s series by the same name in which a female cop falls in love with a ‘beast’ and they solve crimes together. That’s a very basic synopsis but the love story here is EPIC! I can’t get enough of it and I’ve only seen 2 seasons, can’t wait for season 3 to be released on iTunes but if you have access to it wherever you are I would HIGHLY recommend you give it a watch!

That’s everything I’ve been watching recently.. I could write pages and pages (or scrolls and scrolls might be more accurate on a computer?) about my all time favourites but nobody has time, do they? If you’d like a regular TV share here on my blog let me know, I never want to give away too much so I know it’s all very vague but more of a quick recommendation that an in-depth review.Of course I’d love to know what you’re watching right now too.. always looking for something new!



  1. Laura
    13 July, 2016 / 9:08 am

    I miss Khiflix- you got me hooked on beauty and the beast! Persist with Greys, season 5 is the worst but then it gets good again. I’m am currently rewatching gossip girl. So satisfying once you know who gossip girl is and so far it feels like the writers knew from the start, although I’m only on season 2 so we shall see. Unlike PLL which was an absolute train wreck! Did you ever watch brothers and sisters? It’s probably a bit dated now but it’s a similar sort of show but maybe a bit more grown up like greys (at 28 I also feel too old for some of these but they are guilty pleasures!) I absolutely loved Brothers and Sisters xx

  2. Ceri
    13 July, 2016 / 2:35 pm

    I absolute love your blog! You post so regularly and you can tell that you put lots of hard work and effort into it. I’ve been watching PLL, I think that Series 7 is way better than 6. I found 6 to be a bit of a let down tbh. I’ve also been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I can’t believe the first episode came out the year I was born! But I love it all the same xx

  3. Gillian Pidler
    13 July, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Grey’s Anatomy is mine and my 16 yr old daughter’s absolute fave!! Keep watching, it just gets better and better. I have 1-10 on Dvd’s and have watched up to and including season 12 on Sky.
    My other all time fave is The Walking Dead, just one of the best things on tv right now. 7
    Also on Sky atm are Billions (Atlantic) & The Catch (Living) both on Thursday nights but I think are in boxed sets or catch up too.

  4. Alisha
    13 July, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    Funny enough I tried watching both Gossip Girl and PLL and just couldn’t get into it. Have LOVED Once Upon A Time and I’m a good way into Series 4 in that.. Suits is another one I’m loving now but I’m watching it with my other half so I’m not gettign through that as quickly as I’d like! Also loving Gilmore Girls seem as it’s back on Netflix!

  5. Wolsley
    14 July, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    Haha well done you – I couldn’t stick with Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries or Beauty & the Beast when the quality tailed off in later seasons. I have stuck with PLL but I can’t explain why – heaven knows it’s not good, but I enjoy it!

    I’ve been watching Greys (live in US time) right since the first episode and whilst there have certainly been dips in terms of storylines and character direction across the twelve seasons, the overall production quality is always high enough to keep me watching – they just know how to make a solid episode. I fear it’ll never be as good as it was in seasons 1 – 5 though unless they bring in some great new characters, as too many of the old ones have been ruined by the writers or killed off.

    I’m currently re-watching Charmed for the 00s nostalgia and think Orange is the New Black is the best thing on TV xox

  6. Elaine
    25 July, 2016 / 4:51 am

    Check out Revenge, Brothers & Sister’s and Rectify all on Netflix.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      27 July, 2016 / 4:37 pm

      revenge and brothers and sisters I’ve watched. was SO sad with B&S finished.. but not rectify, will check it out

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