Kids in America

IMG_0696Last week we got back from our first major holiday with the kids, we took them to New York and I still can’t believe everyone came back in one piece. this was Milo’s FIRST FLIGHT and Ella’s first long haul so to say I was nervous would be a huge understatement but it was insanely easy and I already can’t wait to plan another getaway for the four of us. I’m going to be sharing some pictures from the trip over the next few weeks along with the daily vlogs I’ve put together.

IMG_0665IMG_0684IMG_7798IMG_0701IMG_0698IMG_0702IMG_0691I got a lot of comments (most posing as ‘curiosity’) about my taking them to a big city and even the suggestion that it wasn’t in their best interests!! I am not a pool holiday kind of person, I would go mad on a beach holiday so if taking them on a holiday that I would enjoy is such a crime then I am GUILTY but I knew there would be plenty for them to do and they LOVED it.

Once I’ve shared all of our vlogs and pictures I’ll put together a round up of recommendations for those of you wondering what there is to do with kids in New York because there’s A LOT!! We actually got around so much more of it than I expected but there are still things on our to do list for next time! The first day we were all exhausted and didn’t have all that much time but we managed a visit to Times Square before retiring for the day. We got back almost a week ago now and I’m STILL not over the jet lag!!


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