Kitchen Scrapbook

I rarely watch insta stories (I know, it’s like blasphemy in 2019) but I spotted a ‘New House’ highlight on one of my favourite accounts, @LoveMaegan and now I am dying to move and do up a new place. We have a ‘5 year plan’ and we’re halfway through right now so we’re in our current place for 2 and a half more years and I don’t want to make any major changes (everywhere it still white, white, white) that may put off prospective buyers when we do sell, so I tend to stay away from interior inspo since it gives me itchy feet I can’t scratch – but I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

My husband is looking at houses constantly (it drives me nuts – it’s like looking at holiday destinations you can’t afford to visit, that’s just not my thing) but obviously everything is so subject to change in that area that I can’t even consider the options until closer to the time. Instead I thought I’d use this burst of enthusiasm to create some vision-board-style posts with ideas for each room. They may not be anything alike and in 2 years I may hate them all but for now they’ll serve as a scrapbook and the closest I’ll get to that element of The Law Of Attraction without feeling too ‘woo woo’

Let’s start with the kitchen. This is something we cannot agree on, Lee wants to move in to something where everything is new and done but I’d like to move somewhere that needs fixing up a little so that everything can be just as we like it. If I had my way, any of the below would tick all of my boxes..

Get Beautified

The Spruce

Katy Did And Kid

Real Homes

Life On Virginia Street

A Thoughtful Place

I have a vision in my head of a Nora Ephron movie house and when I picture myself in 10 years I see a big kitchen with lots of light and counter space. I may be absolutely dreaming given some of the layouts he’s shown me on Right Move but it is the dream.

What is that picture in your head? That image you have of yourself in the future? I also blame these movies set in California for my completely unrealistic wish for an outdoor swimming pool..


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