La Roche-Posay Soothing Repairing Balm

You know those dry patched you get after you’ve finally eradicated that stubborn blemish? You know those flaky bits you get in and between your eyebrows during winter? You know those super chapped lips you get that nothing seems to cure? You need this in your life. I would add an extra benefit, nappy cream.. not relevant for you all but if you’re on my path then you will love this.. and baby will too. In fact it was Milo’s nappy trouble that converted me to this in the first place. I was using it and it was okay, I wasn’t seeing a huge difference between this an E45 other than a more pleasant scent and a less greasy texture but Milo had (sorry TMI) a rash that was so sore he cried as soon as he knew it was changing time and after one application of this it was gone within a matter of hours. He had tears in his eyes and the moment this stuff touched his skin he stopped. That may not appeal to you on a mothering level but something that can do that has to be a bit special, right? It’s proof enough for me that it can effectively sooth and repair skin and since I’ve been using it on my dry and chapped skin I am seeing a real difference.

I apply this to my chin every other night to counteract the drying effect of the many spot treatments I’ve been using lately that are creating annoying dry patched, I use it around my nose, on my brows which are dry all year round and on my lips. The general appearance and feel of my skin has improved and although it’s not some luxurious wonder product that’s leaving me glowy and fabulous it’s doing a basic job and it’s doing it well. An absolute winter staple for me and now a staple for my baby as well.

Currently available in Boots stores and online for £11.62 with 25% off here

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