Lacura Creamy Face Wash

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Lacura review but I still have a few more bits and bobs to show you. If you’re a long time reader you will know I have found my ‘holy grail’ cleanser and so when I’m sent new cleansers to try I’ll admit.. my hearts not in it. I road tested this for a week and although I have returned to my regular peaches and clean (soap and glory) now I do have some nice things to say about this budget buy. As you’d imagine from it’s name it’s a creamy consistency, it foams a little and works well with my Clarisonic for those wondering. It’s non drying but I wouldn’t say my skin felt moisturised either, the most important snippet is that it didn’t break me out! Last time I ran out of my regular cleanser I broke out terribly but this kept my skin balanced and really all I missed was the addictive peachy smell.

There’s no strong scent to this and it’s suitable for sensitive skin, If you’re looking for a new face wash any time soon I’d recommend this ,especially as it’s just £1.79. Next time Peaches & Clean is out of stock and I’m all out I will definitely go back to this as nothing else I tried keeps my skin as clear and smooth.

Available at Aldi

Miss BB

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