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For the last couple of months I’ve been wearing semi-permanent lash extensions after discovering one of my favourite bloggers (Love Taza) wears them and realising that’s why she always looks so casually glam. I read a post from her where she said they were easy to care for, lasted for months and that she wouldn’t be without them and so impressionable old me made an appointment. 2 months later I’m sharing the pro’s and con’s as I see them from my own experience.

I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to my eyes everyday

Between these and my microbladed browns my morning makeup routine is now super quick but better still, if I don’t feel like putting any on at all I still feel put together and defined.

I feel prettier without makeup

I was going to leave this one off but then I realised.. that’s probably why you want them too! I do just feel prettier when I’m wearing no makeup when I have lashes on. That’s a far bigger factor for me that the time I save applying mascara.. maybe wearing mascara even when I don’t wear makeup is the cheaper solution to this..

They’re Expensive

Between £50-75 at my local salon depending on the type with regular top ups at £25 a time – that adds up!!

They take forever to apply

I would imagine this depends on the technician but my appointments are at least 90mins long and if you’re looking at regular appointments that’s quite the time commitment. The glue also stings my eyes so it’s just not a pleasant experience.

You can look a bit mad

As they fall out you can look less than glam with gappy lashes, lashes that twist at odd angles and lashes that you find halfway down your face and wonder how long they’ve been there..

You can’t sleep on your face

This is tricky cause I do. It’s very difficult to change your sleeping habits and even more difficult to control what you do when you’re asleep. I often wake up in a panic that I’m flattening my lashes and I hate being that person!


Obviously there’s the risk of thinning your own lashes as with with hair extensions but providing your lashes are strong, the technician is experienced and they’re using a good product then that’s not really a major issue.


I’m not sure the pros outweigh  the cons for me so it’s been a nice little experiment and I may revisit for holidays/special occasions but I just can’t justify the cost of the upkeep. I am very interested in trying LVL lashes next. Much less maintenance and (more importantly) my own lashes! If any of you have tried the treatment I’d love to know what you thought of it and (better still) if anyone can recommend a technician in South Yorkshire you will save me a ton of time researching my local options!





  1. Germaine Reilly
    26 March, 2018 / 8:56 am

    LVL is definitely a great treatment and the way to go. Mine last for about 8 weeks and when you do put mascara on it’s like wearing false lashes! It also only takes 45 mins so it’s a win win

  2. 26 March, 2018 / 12:30 pm

    I tried LVL 8 weeks ago and I’d say it lasted about 5-6 weeks on me. My lashes are long but fair so this made a huge impact. I didn’t use mascara for 3-4 weeks after the appointment and then gradually found I used it more and more to keep the effect. The appointment was 1 hour and was not very pleasant, it did sting slightly but it was more the pressure on my eyes and lashes (I assume to get the curl) which made my eyes red and watery for about a day after. I’d do it again for holidays or a special occasion. Worth a try.

  3. Christina Grieve
    26 March, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    I love love love lvl been getting it done for years, I’ve put some pics on instagram I’ll tag you I honestly love love lvl!
    Can recommend somewhere in south west Scotland – come up for a trip

  4. Hannah Evans
    17 April, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    Thanks for this post! I have always wanted to try lash extensions but the cost has always been an issue for me. I have recently started visiting the benito brow bar in my local Debenhams store for eyebrow threading and have seen that they do eyelash extensions there. The girl who does my threading has given me a heads up that in June they will most likely repeat their summer offer from last year which was 50% the cost of lash extensions. I am going to be keeping my eye open for this offer as this will be an amazing deal – just hope I don’t get addicted to them as it will be a real disappointment if I can’t afford to keep having them done!

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