Let’s Talk – Hair Removal

IMG_1076-1024x682So the last time I mentioned this hair removal tool I was warding you all off giving it a go having experienced unspeakable pain the first time I’m tried it.. BUT.. I gave it a second chance and I’m converted. I still can’t use it on my legs but (TMI warning) I can stomach keeping my bikini line in check now (under water in the bath definitely helps numb the pain and a beer before hand definitely wont hurt either) and I’ve even started using it to keep my facial hair under control. It’s not like I’m going to grow a beard overnight or anything but it keeps my top lip and chin smooth in much less time than the tweezers.. just be sure to keep it away from your brows.. that would NOT be a cute look! In the spirit of revealing all here’s the video I filmed with Emma (link) for our new blog/YouTube channel, Style On Toast (link) in which we discuss our preferred methods and the pro’s and cons..

It’s one of those subjects that affects everyone, we all remove hair to some degree and yet we rarely discuss it. Our Let’s Talk series will hopefully let us cover some other ‘taboo’ topics too, if you’d like to suggest any for our next filming session we’re all ears! Oh and don’t forget you can check out all of our videos (and subscribe if you like) HERE!

PS. I’m going to leave you with our newest one, Five Step Facial because I think you might just get a little giggle out of it.. just watch and see!

Miss BB



  1. Kayleigh
    17 September, 2014 / 7:22 pm

    I’ve had an epilator for a few years, it comes out every summer use it once or twice till I remember how painful it was. Determined to keep it up at some point. can only use it on my legs though, no where else x

  2. Fi
    20 September, 2014 / 7:58 am

    I am in a wheelchair so I very rarely get my legs out, but I get to cheat as I get them waxed and don’t feel a thing!! I get my intimates and underarms waxed too. I figured what I spent on waxing I have saved on not having to buy razors, shave gel and aloe cream for after. My beauty therapist is actually a girl I went to school with so there is no embarrassment at all, we just chat about all sorts whilst she is doing it.

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