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Those of you who have been following my daily diary posts since January will know that recently I’ve been toying with the idea of separating them out into a blog of their own. I know that they’re not for everyone and I feel like I put so much in to the beauty/fashion aspect that the diary posts are perhaps diluting the quality a little. I asked you what you wanted and the response was mixed but I figure those of you who want to can follow me over there, some may prefer to dip in and out when they have time to kill and others will forgo the posts altogether. Ultimately this is a beauty blog and much as I loved the idea of re-branding it as ‘lifestyle’ something I read over on British Beauty Blogger struck a chord. She offered some great advice for those starting out and mentioned a 75/25 rule which states 75% of your content should be related to your key subject and only 25% should be off topic, providing the reader with an insight in to the person behind the blog while still providing what they initially visited your site for. The whole post was really interesting and though it was aimed at ‘newbies’ it’s always useful to refresh yourself when you feel you’re losing your way – read it here.

So.. I guess that all brings me to the launch of my new blog on which I will share anything I deem inappropriate for this one.. basically anything non beauty/fashion related is the idea. It’s still in the early stages so I’m sure there will be some changes over the coming months but I have migrated all of my YTD diary posts and will be doing the same with my 2013 vlogs as and when I find the time. All new vlogs will have a home there too so my thought is if you follow my second YouTube channel this will probably be something you’re interested in.. if not then you’ll be glad to hear that MissBudgetBeauty is about to look a whole lot more relevant to it’s title again!

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  1. AnnaR
    29 March, 2013 / 5:06 pm

    That name is inspired. I’ve followed with Bloglovin.

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