Light Up Your Smile!

Occasionally a product makes the blogging rounds and from what I can see this is one such product right now. The company contacted me and asked me to review their whitening toothbrush, I obviously did a little online (*cough* google) research and discovered many other recent blogger reviews. It would seem they are a unanimous hit and having used this toothbrush for a week so far I’m pretty pleased with it too.

The basic premise is that a blue light in an otherwise regular toothbrush “not only cleans teeth, but also whitens them and counteracts bacteria which are the source of plaque and gum diseases”. Online it states that you can achieve a whitened effect with the use of an ordinary toothbrush which I would agree with however the company did recommend I use it with a whitening formula for optimum results (obviously).

Whiter teeth is always something I am looking to achieve and as they say, every little helps! I wanted to give it a go with regular toothpaste first to see what the toothbrush did alone and I believe I’ve seen an improvement, though I didn’t record before and after’s so can’t be sure. As of next week I will use it with a whitening paste and of course report my progress in a few weeks time. I’m looking forward to seeing the other bloggers results after prolonged use too, that’s the beauty of the beauty community!
Blue Illume is available online now here and you can get free delivery if you like their Facebook page
Miss BB


  1. 12 March, 2012 / 4:05 pm

    looks interesting, cant wait so hear more about it.. you should do a before and after on your teeth =)

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