Lipstains – Maxfactor V Revlon

I picked these two lip stains up months ago with the intention of pitting them against each other for a blog post but the weeks went by and they continued to collect dust in my makeup drawer. Last week I finally decided to start the “experiment” I decided a Sunday dinner at the parents was a good test, there would be eating and drinking and most important of all it wouldn’t matter if I looked like an idiot as it wore off!
Before I began I had highest hopes for the Revlon “Just Bitten” lipstain because I’d heard such great reviews, especially about the colour I’d bought – twilight. The Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint (shade 04)I picked up because it was a similar shade and a similar price so I thought it would be a good comparison. I have never rated lip stains or tints in the past, they just weren’t for me so I was not convinced these were going to rock my world but I was excited to discover one that maybe I could love…
Swatched below, the Revlon is on top, the Maxfactor below. The Revlon is buildable and you can get a really dark plummy shade on your lips but the Maxfactor is pretty much the same no matter how much you apply which I think is great to get an even colour without going darker than you’d intended as well as for touch ups throughout the day… you wont end up with patchy colour.
First up to the plate is
Revlon Just Bitten in Twilight

Just Applied

5 hours later

Both of these lip stains come with the popular new felt tip applicator, they look almost identical but the Revlon includes a bonus lip balm on one end to keep your lips moisturised. At first I thought this would make this product the front runner but I think that the reason it comes with a balm is that it is necessary! This formula is really drying from the minute it goes on your lips. It soaks up every bit of moisture and clings to any dryness which means in order to get an even colour you have to apply and reapply until you have the darkest colour possible which is not necessarily what you wanted. As far as wear is concerned it wore off the outside of my lips pretty quickly and after 5 hours I was left with an unsightly stained dry patch on my top lip that looked a bit like I’d been bleeding.
Next is
Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

Just applied

5 hours later
This formula faded evenly and after 5 hours it left just a wash of colour which was darker on my upper lip and cupids bow. It didn’t seem to cling to my drier patches as badly and still left my lips looking a little defined although it did wear off. It didn’t feel as drying as the Revlon and as a result I didn’t have to apply as much as it went on evenly. I think that had I layered it as much as I had the Revlon it may have had a better chance of staying on longer.
Overall I’m still not sold on the new batch of lip stains that have come on the market. I had high hopes but little expectations for them so I’m not surprised that they didn’t work out that well but I would consider trying out the Maxfactor again in a more public setting knowing that it wont fade in a way that will make me look too crazy. Perhaps a night of drinks and no food would give it a better chance.. I might take it out for a second run at some point. Unfortunately neither the Revlon or the Maxfactor really did the job so there are no winners here but it doesn’t hurt to try and I’d love to here your thoughts on these.. I know not everyone thinks the same way as I do.



  1. 12 June, 2011 / 10:43 pm

    I was so tempted to get the Revlon lip stain when I first saw it in the shops. I bought the Gosh lip stain instead and it's just okay, nothing to shout about. Best thing about it is the yummy taste, which kinda makes you lick your lips more so it fades quicker! I guess I prefer lipsticks x

  2. 13 June, 2011 / 6:51 am

    Revlon is ehhh for me too, which is weird because Revlons' other produtcs are so great for me.I found that the only lipstains I really like and actually stay on my lips are the ones by Maybelline. I like it because the color payoff is great, smells good and stays on my lips all night.. including a meal AND drinks! Hope that helped 🙂 X Lerin

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