lIMG_0209 copyOver the years I’ve pulled more towards certain beauty categories than others and often wondered if I could focus my content on just one of them. Nails are a close second but if I had to choose it would absolutely be lip colour. It’s the thing I’m most excited about shopping for, applying, organising, I just love lipstick in every form it takes. This past year liquid lips made a major comeback but most are matte.. I’m a big fan of that papery shine-free finish but it’s not for everyone so it comes as no surprise that Makeup Revolutions non-matte offerings are frequent best sellers on their site.

aaaThey have two formulas available, Lip Euphoria (left) and Lip Amplification (right) and although they may look similar at first glance they are actually very different. Euphoria is an intense gloss with a non-sticky finish and Amplification is a silky satin gloss that’s a little more sheer and has a silicone texture. You can build them both up to a near opaque finish (although both would be better over a liner) it will mostly come down to texture/shade preference .. I personally cannot wait to use Limitless.. not sure when grey lips will feel appropriate but maybe I’ll try the trend for this weeks school run 😉




  1. Keely
    3 September, 2016 / 8:20 am

    Gotta get my hands on full throttle

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