Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

IMG_0737Okay so it’s not summer anymore and maybe I was supposed to write this post a month ago but it’s just as valid now.. if not marginally out of season.

I am a huge fan of facial oils in the winter time but in the summer I often find them too heavy, this is the best oil I’ve found for my oily skin in the warmer months. It’s texture is more like a serum, it’s scent is refreshingly yummy and the roller ball (which I believe is just in the smaller size) has the added benefit of a mini massage.. pretty impressive for a pocket sized product. Definitely something that will be with me on my travels in future.

Liz Earles Superskin Concentrate is made up of 100% plant oils and is designed to both nourish and balance the skin.. which is explains why even in the humid weather I’ve enjoyed using it. Liz suggests that it’s sandwiched between your cleanser and your moisturiser but I do rebel against that advice slightly.. I don’t feel like I need the added moisture in the summer but in the winter I will top up with something light such as Organic Surge’s Blissful Daily Moisturiser. Technically it’s a day cream but it’s still super hydrating despite being light and quick to absorb in to my skin.. I’ve banged on about it before so you’ve likely heard this recommendation but if you do have oily skin I strongly advise you give it a go.

Although I’ve only been using it for a month or so I already know it will be a year round essential when my skin needs some TLC ,you can purchase this 10ml roller ball for £20 online here or better still there’s a mini 2ml size you can trial before you commit to the cost. Of course if you’re REALLY into it there’s a HUGE 28ml bottle for £40.50.

What’s your go to skin treat right now?

Miss BB

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