Love Me Beauty Box (Formerly Beauteco)


I am so late in posting about this, I had photos and a whole unboxing video that just completely disappeared so not only am I now technically a month behind because this is Septembers box but I’ve also lost one of the products that was in it (oops) – A Murad facial mist which was lovely by the way but I’ll leave it at that because I have nothing else to tell you about it and no actual product to show you #fail

So anyway, the first thing you might be wondering is ‘What the heck is Love Me Beauty?’ Well it seems that Beauteco (first post explains the service here) have rebranded and my guess is that the eco tag was penning them in a little and creating an expectation they weren’t ready to deliver on. Initially the packaging of the boxes alone was eco friendly but they planned to get natural/organic type brands involved and set the service apart from the rest I guess but things don’t always work out that way when you haven’t got full control of something – ie: the brand which want to come on board. I think it’s a smart move and hopefully they will gain a little more interesting from the beauty community as I’ve not heard too much about them from anyone other than the bloggers being sent the boxes to review.

So what’s in this months box?

Matriskin – Collagen Serum (Lifting Effect Without Surgery) / Murad – Osmolyte Tonic (Infuse The Skin With Essential Nutrients) / Nip & Fab Stiletto Fix / Anatomicals Eye Gel Mask (Hot or Cold) / Essential Care Lemon & Tea Tree Face Wash

And what did I think?

Well as you know the unique feature of this beauty box is that you choose your items ahead of time from a menu so I knew what I would receive and chose the box I thought I’d like most. I love the eye mask and am actually wearing it right now on my forehead.. great for headaches but better still on your eyes.. I just don’t remember the last time I had 2 minutes to shut mine when I wasn’t going to sleep.. I’m a busy gal. My second favourite of the month is the Nip & Fab which will no doubt make it in to some kind of party ready post/video in the Christmas build up ’cause it’s been great so far at getting rid of any unsightly rashes or dryness on my knees/shins. Lastly I would have talked up the spritz but y’know.. it disappeared on me.. I’m hoping it rolled under the bed or something cause it was really refreshing and I’m sure had some mystical skincare benefits.. I just like the refreshing bit. The collagen serum is nice but as with most serums it’s difficult to say what it is/isn’t doing until I’ve used it for an extended period of time. Lastly the face wash.. but of a dud for me, I’m fairly certain it broke me out so I wont be using it again, I prefer balms and oil cleansers these days (6 months ago I would never have said that by the way) so it’s not for me but I’m pretty sure that was in each of the 3 menus this month so I couldn’t avoid it.

So that was September and I’ve already chosen for the month ahead so I’m excited to received Octobers box. I personally much prefer knowing in advance what I’m getting, it’s still a surprise because I don’t look up the products and most I’ve never heard of but I know that for the most part it wont be a total waste which it often was when I was signed up to other services.

You can find LoveMeBeauty online here

Miss BB

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  1. 1 October, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    I’m glad you like your Love Me Beauty boxes. I had one in July, which was good, but August’s box never turned up. I cancelled in Sept, but they still take payment. Apparently cancelling via their website in your account section isn’t good enough – they’ll still take your money. You have to cancel it in Paypal for it to take effect. They emailed me back a really snotty email today. I did really like the contents of my box, much more than Glossy, but their customer service is appalling!


  2. 6 October, 2013 / 12:20 pm

    I’ve been umming and ahhing about signing up to this for a while… IT’s bizare but the thing that’s putting me off is that the element of suprise being missing! I’m not sold on Birchbox though.. I’ve had two B’boxes and I haven’t been thrilled or anything other than indifferent with either :/ Might have to look into this one a bit more though…..

    Charlotte – xx

    • missbudgetbeauty
      9 October, 2013 / 7:43 pm

      I can see that but I’m always surprised cause I don’t remember what I ordered and never look up the products in advance x

  3. 7 October, 2013 / 3:16 pm

    I like the idea of this, but I’m waiting for them to get involved with more brands. I don’t really like how now you are most likely to get the same brands every month, but I’m sure this will change soon.

    Bree 🙂

  4. 6 April, 2014 / 9:43 am

    Hello all you beautiful people. Just wanted to clarify that Beauteco still exists. Our name is trademarked and we sell beauty products and treatments. Find us at We are completely unrelated to Love Me Beauty.

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