LUSH Christmas #1

Lush ChristmasI know the #1 in the title suggests there will be more of these.. and there will! As a fun end to each of my Vlogmas videos this year I thought I would show a Lush bath in action.. that sounds wrong, you know what I mean. I HAD intended to review each of them as I went along but honestly I’ve never had that much to say about Lush bath product. For a long time I thought they were a huge waste of money, just an expensive bath time spectacle for kids and part of me still does but if you find the right one it can really make a difference to your bathing experience. Between the aromatherapy and essential oils I can genuinely feel better after using a certain product. The bubble bars give you more bang for your buck, I’ve heard you can split bath bombs to get more out of them but most have hidden gems inside so they lose their magical appeal that way. My absolute favourite is the Rose Jam Bubble-roon (not pictured) because I LOVE the scent and it adds just enough oil to the bath to leave my skin feeling softer but allow me to still wash my hair/shave my legs without feeling gunky. Similar situation with the Holly Golightly (far right) all but for the insane glitter. The very colourful/sparkly are fun at this time of year though so I wont complain.. especially for the kids!

Because I feel like I’d be repeating myself I thought I’d run through the mini descriptions of each product to go with the ‘after’ picture and these weekly posts will be a little Lush round up as well as a way to catch up on my Vlogmas vlogs if you’ve missed them. For those who don’t watch I’m uploading on alternate days this time and calling it ‘the 12 days of vlogmas’ – a little easier on me AND those of you who are trying to watch the other hundred in your YouTube feed right now!

Golden Wonder

  • Smells like: Cognac & Citrus
  • One of the first I ever bought having heard so much about it. When you pick it up it rattles as if there’s a present inside, an explosion of colour which settles in blue water. One of my favourites for scent.

Luxury Lush Pud

  • Smells like: Tonka & Lavender
  • Not super floral so don’t let that put you off but definitely relaxing and a little oily, perfect for bedtime. Aside from that it’s gives s serious whizz bang pop for the kids in the colour department, a really fun one to watch

Father Christmas

  • Smells like: Candy Floss
  • Has an unexpected green centre that colours the water

Holly Golightly

  • Smells like: Cinnamon & Patchouli
  • A really soild bubble bar you crumble under running water to activate

If you want to see each of these in action you can skip to the end of the vlogs below.. or if you’re in to it you can watch for a little snippet of my first festive week!

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