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I was lucky enough to be given one of the Lush Lash wands this week and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I have been using it every night since tuesday (4 nights so far) and ok I haven’t seen a great improvement yet but I am recording my progress.. I will be taking a weekly photo to show you guys if this is really working for me. I will just DIE if it really grows my lashes. They say it really does so I have faith!
It is double ended, one end is the serum that you apply to your lashline and the other (the mascara wand) is a conditioning mask that you apply to the actual lashes.
Here is my before picture.. you’ll have to forgive my eyeliner .. those 24/7 pencils are really stubborn.. I’m wearing no mascara here and as you can see my lash length is nothing to write home about. Hopefully it will be easy to see the huge tranformation. in a couple of weeks time..
Is anyone else trying this? in the UK it doesn’t officially launch til 15/02 but some stores have stock now and I believe it’s already available in the US.
miss bb

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