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Last week I visited the new Lush NAKED store in Manchester with my friend, Charl and came out with a bag of impulse buys. I hadn’t (honestly) been super interested in package-free products. They sounded messy and I have a hard enough time trying to keep the bathroom clean as it is.. but this stuff was so cute, I couldn’t resist. I initially picked up a solid cleanser that they said was their ‘naked’ version of Ultrabland and a couple of seaweed eye patches that had my name written all over them. It spiralled, however, once I saw the moulded bottles and pots of body ‘lotion’ ..I had to try more, so here we are!

A little run down of everything I’ve tried..


Like A Virgin – Cold Cream Cleanser – £4.95

This is the Ultrabland dupe I was talking about. I’ve just finished up my Neals Yard Rose Beauty Balm and this is a fantastic alternative for a fraction of the price. You definitely need a pot/tin to keep it in as it melts on contact with heat (just the heat of your hands will be enough) and you use it in the same way you would any balm cleanser. Possibly my favourite buy of the bunch.

Mortal Kombu – Under Eye Mask – £1.50

This was an interesting concept. I’m a big fan of under eye masks but they can be expensive and £1.50 for a pair really isn’t too bad. You soften the seaweed shapes in hot water and they thicken up and feel a little slimy (which I assume is the ‘good stuff’) on the skin. I liked the smoothing effect and managed to get a couple of uses from them but they were fiddly.. not sure I’d repurchase.

Rose Jam – Naked Shower Gel – £9.95 (exclusive to Naked stores)

I LOVE the Rose Jam fragrance from Lush, it’s one of the only things I repurchase, so I had to try the solid shower gel. The moulded/coloured bottles are just the cutest and I’m ALL IN on the gimmick.. but it’s messy and not really practical. Like a giant bar of coloured soap, I think the smart way to use it would be to cut it up but then you lose part of the fun, don’t you? Definitely need something to rest this on if you don’t want pink stuff all over your bathroom.

All Good Things – Washcard – £2.00

Again, a total gimmick (and I don’t often travel to places that don’t provide some version of soap/shower gel so it’s not super helpful for me) but the idea of a tiny, flat ‘card’ that expresses soap on contact with water is very cool. I can see it being practical if I were in a hostel/camping or wanted to travel with a specific fragrance but otherwise? It’s just a bit of fun.

Ro’s Argan – Naked Body Conditioner – £9.95 (exclusive to Naked stores)

I am such a fan of this in pot form. A lotion designed to be used on wet skin that is scented with my beloved Rose Jam fragrance so I had to give the solid version a go and it didn’t disappoint. Unlike the fluid version (which I can use up in a week) I feel like this will last me forever since the smallest amount gives me a great ‘coating’ and plenty to massage in to the skin while still leaving that layer of ‘something’ that makes me feel extra nourished. No messier than a massage bar and more cost effective in this form than the original – love it.

Soft Coer – Massage Bar – £4.95

Talking of massage bars.. this is not new but it is technically package free so it’s stocked in the Naked stores. Similar in texture to the above, it melts with the warmth of your skin and gives as much or as little to work with as you choose. There are different massage bars available but this is my favourite scent, a little shea buttery cocoa deliciousness.

Dream Steam – Toner Tab – £2.00

Lastly, another standard Lush product that happens to be package free. If you haven’t seen these toner tabs before, they’re effectively miniature bath bombs that you add to water and then ‘steam’ your face. Different ones offer different benefits (this is supposed to be balancing) and you can add the left over water to a spray bottle to use as a toner for a week or so afterwards. It’s not a mega hit for me but it may be that I chose the wrong one.. I’d give it another go but it’s not something that excites me greatly.


They do sell little containers to keep your packageless product in (which is the smart move) and will keep your sides mush free if the mess is a deal breaker. All in all I think it’s a great idea from an already very mindful company and beyond that (as they’ve done with so many products already) it just makes some pretty basic hygiene a little more fun, doesn’t it?

If you want to see each of the products ‘in action’ and a little verbal run down, check out this video



  1. 3 February, 2019 / 9:57 am

    These look really cool! Theres a massive push for sustainable products now which is SO good but I just find the experience of going into LUSH so stressful and the smells are so strong its hard to pick your products! Are these quite messy?

    • missbudgetbeauty
      25 February, 2019 / 11:24 pm

      SO messy!! I’d buy the cleanser and body conditioner again but the ‘shower gel’ is a nightmare! massive pink streaks everywhere 🙁

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