Well well well it seems I finally got with the times and registered on
I started the process a while back but heard such conflicting reports on the site I decided against it. It was before I became heavily into blogging and I guess I didn’t wanna waste my time.
Now I feel more like I have nothing to lose.. Makeupbymel is ALWAYS luuuxing it up on twitter I figured I’d give it a whirl! I still don’t toally understand it but if you do please please explain it in a little detail to me ’cause I’m not up on it all yet!
If y’all are on Luuux add me!!! I’m lacking in the friends department and your friendly faces will be much appreciated. One thing I have noticed is that there don’t seem to be any haters there.. You have to register and I think it’s quite well regulated so it’s a nice kind of safe haven for me.
If you haven’t already joined up, do it… what’s the worst that can happen? We can all be noobs and start out together and share our experiences climbing the luuux ranks!
Check me out and register here
*this is also a link to a funny ass video of me FYI*
miss bb

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