Luxury Home Fragrance On The Highstreet

 You may remember a couple of days ago I blogged about the new Next beauty range and mentioned their line of home fragrances which I was very excited to try. I had ordered all  four of the scented candles from the range and hadn’t expected to receive them until Monday so I was pleasantly surprised to be burning them on Friday morning.

I put off blogging about them immediately – which was tough I’ll admit – just because I wanted to give each of them a fair trial before embarking on any kind of review. Obviously I can’t comment on how many hours they’ll realistically burn etc but I will share my first impressions. First and foremost the packaging is divine, so luxurious for a highstreet brand. They’re not cheap at £9 a candle but they’re far from the most expensive either and for the money they are really well fragranced. Don’t you hate when you buy a scented candle that smells amazing in the jar but emits nothing to your living room? These are easily on a par with Yankee/Slatkin & Co in that respect, in fact this morning when I came down the room smelled so good I had to check I hadn’t left the candle burning.

Just as I suspected when reading bout each fragrance online I prefer the Milan candle. There’s something about sandlewood I just can’t get enough of. That being said it doesn’t really smell like sandlewood.. the overwhelming fragrance is apple, it’s very fresh and reminds me a lot of my Pink Sands Yankee Candle. London smells to me like fabric softner and I know there’s a market for that ’cause so many do (in my opinion) but it’s not my favourite. I haven’t burned it for a long period yet though so we’ll see. Lastly there’s Paris which I also really like, it’s a more sensual, relaxing scent. This will be a great one for the bathroom when I’m trying to chill out – the Summer holidays are already taking their toll.

You may be wondering.. what about the fourth candle. Well.. I’m afraid it smashed in transit and nobody was more disappointed than I. I daren’t take a whiff as the shards of glass were everywhere but I will be returning it and I’ll let you know my thoughts once I have an unbroken one in my possession.

I don’t usually blog about candles and such but I thought these were just so pretty and given that they’re brand new season items I thought they were relevant. I am looking forward to testing out the perfume versions of these fragrances as they’re only £12 for 100ml and so many of you have recommended Next for perfume.

Candles are available here at £9 each

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