Lyn Harris – La Rose

What’ more traditional for Valentines Day than Roses? It’s universal symbol of love and in recent years floral fragrances have taken a serious turn in the trends. Once upon a time a heavy rose scent was considered far too mature for many young women but it’s made quite the comeback and if you’re in to that kind of thing you will love this. It is heavy but it’s a simple and the overwhelming hit of rose is something I know a lot of you crave. I’m not the worlds biggest fan myself but I can see the appeal and it really does smell like I’m carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers around with me. The best thing about this perfume right now is that 50ml will set you back only £25 so whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend or even your girlfriend this wont break the bank on Valentines Day.


It’s actually on sale right now with an extra £5 off here

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