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I’ll admit when I rocked up at York Designer Outlet today I had pretty high hopes! I’d heard fabulous things about this Cosmetic Company Store and just couldn’t wait to see it for myself… I’m very happy to tell you I was not disappointed! It was a-mazing and these were my purchases! 
Made to Order (Lustre)
Revealing & Flurry Of Fun (To The Beach) Lip Glass’s
Flurry of Fun
 MSF in Comfort 
This is really quite beautiful on the skin! It gives a glowy golden bronzed look.. not something I normally go for but I love it I really do! It’s almost a festive bronzer with the golden sparkle to it. Definitely a keeper!
On the Face
A better indication on colour on skin
Brushes – 225 & 165
I’ve wanted 165 for what seems like forever! It’s the one brush that always stood out to me as a must have, mainly because I don’t have anything like it and haven’t seen anything like it in other cheaper collections readily available in the UK. I didn’t want to fork out for MAC brushes only to be duplicating ones I already had or knew I could get for a better price elsewhere, I love love love my Sigma blending brush so as I was picking up the 165 I thought I’d have the 225 too as it’s a slightly larger a fluffier version of the sigma I love so much but I’d like to have one reserved just for undereye powdering – that sounds a little excessive now I write it lol.
So that was my little MAC haul… I’d say today was a good day 🙂
I’d like to point out that these were in lieu of a returned Christmas present for all of you that want to slate me for being “budget” and spulrging on higher end cosmetics!!! I will definitely be returning so you will see more of the same from me in future.. I’m sorry!
But for those who enjoy anything I haul or are also MAC fans this will be good news! The more higher end stuff I try the better equipped I am to really say whether the more affordable ranges are really worth your money. I am really looking forward to testing out rhw 225 to see if it’s any better than my Sigma equivalent!I will of course keep you posted 🙂
miss bb

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