MAC Kinda Sexy – #30lipsin30days

This was a favourite of mine a couple of years ago and when I went darker with my hair I just stopped wearing the nudes I loved as a blonde. I think there was a phase between platinum and brunette where my hair was a bit ‘blah’ and mousey so these colours did nothing for me but I’m happily rediscovering them now. Unfortunately something went awry when I was snapping these pics and they have a grainy ‘retro’ quality that definitely wasn’t intended but let’s say they add to the nineties nude vibe?

It’s a comfortable matte texture and opaque enough to wear without a liner (as in these pictures) and wears and layers nicely if touch ups are needed. The slighty peachy colour makes it easier to wear than your average nude too so if you’re easing yourself in to neutral lips this is great place to start!


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