MAC Tartan Tale

Hey Guys!
I saw this collection buzz a week or so ago and I wanted to share the preview pictures with you…
I know you’ll see these everywhere but if you haven’t already … here they are!

Similar to previous MAC holiday collections in some ways but different in so many others!
It seems the last few limited edition collections that MAC have brought out haven’t been such a major hit with the beauty community! I must say.. you all know how excited I was for the launch of the Venomous Villains and I bought my must have items, some of which I love, but overall I was dissappointed by the collection.
They had such a solid idea I feel they could have just done it so much better.
There were so many things fans have been together in slating, different character choices that you would have thought were obvious, different products etc. The packaging felt cheap, not the usual sturdy mac plastic but something much more toy-like. Whether they did that intentionally I don’t know but I was shocked at how flimsy things seemed when MAC is known for it’s quality..
I know this blog wasn’t about V/V but it overspilled.. I should have added this in an edit to my review maybe.
ANYWAY… Tartan Tale, Obviously we’re yet to see this collection “in the flesh” and I’m kind of torn over the whole thing. For one I don’t really like tartan LOL.. For another.. the shades aren’t really my kinda colours.. I am sad that the first year I am discovering cosmetic companies holiday collections I am yet to find one I think is fabulous!
There are a few stand out points to mention..
MAC are giving huge charitable donations to their Aids Fund from the sales of this launch
Which is obviously fabulous..
They are also the first to have used this new innovative flocking technique which has given their shadows a patterned “tartan” effect which runs right down through to the pan…
When I first saw the pictures I mistook them for a new burberry line… Burberry has laid the check pattern on many of their cosmetic products in the past but this is a revelation!!
How could they not have got there first?
I think if anything I may be interested in the shadows for that reason… I’ll wait til those lucky bloggers that get to go to preview events give us the early scoop with swatches and reviews to make my final judgement but I’m not so excited about this one folks..
The special shadows interest me but the colours don’t so I’d be buying them purely for the gimic..
What do you all think of the new line?
Well its out next month so you don’t have to wait long..
If you want these for christmas you’ll need to start hinting like… now!

miss bb

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