MAC – vegas volt

In keeping with all things vegas related I have been collecting over the past 6 months or so this was perfect! It was my first back2mac “purchase” (I will blig about that seperately) and in all honesty I think I would have bought it for the name alone even if I’d not loved the colour!

As it happens it’s pretty fab! A bit brighter than I’m used to.. A bit luminous in fact.. But it’s really quite lovely!
Buy it…

Open it…

Swatch it…

Apply it…

Pout it…

So if we ever do get to vegas to get married this may well be the lip colour I wear 🙂
Have you guys tried this? Love/hate? Let me know
Miss BB

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  1. Anonymous
    10 December, 2010 / 1:52 am

    i love your blog posts/videos but it just sucks that the picture/video quality is so bad:( maybe it's the lighting?x

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