Macadamia Deep Repair Masque – REVIEW

I have mentioned this in videos before but thought it deserved it’s own individual review! I have raved about the Macadamia Oil products and get so many questions about which I would choose if I had to only pick one. Until now I’ve said time and time again.. the oil. It is versatile, you can add it to your regular conditioner, you can use it as a leave in treatment or even for styling. I love it… however.. I’m swaying a little bit toward the deep repair masque at the moment. I’ve never used anything that’s given me such an amazing instant result before. A serious hit of moisture when I need it most. I will say that I always follow up with the oil as a leave in but the oil alone doesn’t do for me what this does! The directions state you shouldn’t use this more than twice a week but I try not to wash my hair more than that anyway as the shampoo can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy so I tend to use it every time I wash it. don’t put it all over my head, I generally use my regular Miracle Moist conditioner from Aussie and then add this to the ends of my hair. Alternatively I might mix the two together and then apply it root to tip.
Part of the reason is because it’s so rich and thick and I worry that my roots will be greasy and part is because.. well… it’s not cheap! I am a huge hair product lover but I’ve never been one to spend massive amounts of money on haircare. I hate that I can’t find something that does what this does from the drugstore and am looking in to the Argan Oil range and various others to attempt to replace it at a cheaper cost (watch this space) but until then I will buy this because it works and I can’t put a price on that. My hair is looking the best it ever has, it feels healthy, it feels strong and it’s all down to the discovery of Macadamia Oil. I’ve talked you to death about hair oils by now and I know there are those of you still unwilling to put grease in your hair.. I get that, try this! This is the ideal alternative for those wanting the smoothing, hydrating effect without the worry of looking like you’ve pulled a shift at your local chip shop. If your hair is coarse, dry, over-processed and heat damaged it will love this and I promise you will too!
When it comes to the texture, its thicker than anything I’ve ever put on my hair before. It’s thicker than any body butter I’ve used so tricky to describe. Its smooth but you can see from the picture where I scooped the product out. You leave it on your hair for at least 7 minutes.. I would recommend longer if you can. If I’m paying ££ for something I’m not going to wash it off after 7 minutes. You don’t need much though, a little goes a long way so it’s still good value! The smell disappointed me, it’s not bad at all in fact it’s pretty much what you would expect a shampoo/conditioner product to smell like but I love the angel-esque smell of the oil and it’s not the same.
The RRP is £23.95 and you can definitely pay that online but I found it on CheapSmells for £16.25
That’s for 250ml but next time I will go for the 500ml for sure, RRP £36.75, but on CS it’s £24.95
I am SO obsessed with this that I bought the travel sized products to take away with me and it includes the shampoo. I’m yet to try it as I’m so hooked on my Aussie but once I have I will of course review that for you too! You can get smaller versions of everything on Cheap Smells so if you don’t want to shell out straight off the bat you might want t check those out. I would 100% recommend everything I’ve tried from the brand so far and having tried Moroccan Oil and been disappointed I’m pleased to have found an oil that works for me! 
If you’re really non-committal you can buy a 10ml bottle of oil for only £4.50 (link)  but it’s not the best deal on the site and I swear you will use a bigger one!
Miss BB


  1. 6 March, 2012 / 3:36 pm

    been thinking about trying this but my body shop one works really well!

  2. 6 March, 2012 / 3:40 pm

    this sounds fantastic stuff! I dye my hair every 4-6 weeks and the ends of my hair really do dry out so will definitely be getting some of this to give my hair a pamper! Thanks for the review!

    Becks x


  3. 6 March, 2012 / 8:18 pm

    Please check out my blog im new and have 0 followers 🙁 people please follow im open to all help and ideas too xxx

  4. 6 March, 2012 / 9:16 pm

    i did loved the mask in the beggining..but i will return to my Origins one once i finish this one i have and the oil is nice but still doesnt control my frizzines TOTALLY:(.i heard good things about vo5 miracle mist leave in with 5 oils and i got it saturday(offer on superdrug)and i it is very very nice,put a bit when the hair was damp then when it dried put a bit more and is very light and really amazing with the frzzines,im impressed x

  5. 7 March, 2012 / 1:17 am

    “If I'm paying ££ for something I'm not going to wash it off after 7 minutes” that's totally my attitude! I have about 9 cheaper products I'm working my way through but you've made me want to try this 🙂 I also use Marrakesh oil, which is cheaper than Moroccan Oil but still works really well and makes your hair smell lovely – but if this works for you I'd stick with it!

  6. 7 March, 2012 / 8:02 pm

    They have the 125ml oil for 13.25! Thats ace so sick of missin it on bp lol

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