Magical Mykonos

This post doesn’t want to be written! It’s disappeared from my drafts TWICE but if you’re reading it now then I’ve managed to find a lucky loop hole and hit publish.

Talking of luck, last month I was very lucky to be invited along by Celestyal Cruises and Discover Greece on a week long cruise of multiple islands. I basically felt like a rockstar when that email came in. In my excitement (and partially because I assumed it would fall through at the last moment) I didn’t really look at the itinerary so it was like being taken on a surprise trip every day! Other than Mykonos being very ‘insta’ and ‘the place to go’ I didn’t really know anything about it so when we arrived and were taken to Super Paradise beach I was more than a little surprised. Obviously it’s coastal.. it’s an island but I didn’t think about the beaches, I thought about the white buildings etc. I didn’t expect to meet with crystal clear water and a view that looked like something from a James Bond movie.

Bear in mind that I’m usually a city-goer, I didn’t expect to love the sea as much as I did but by the end of the week I would have sold my right arm for an extra day in it. Always warm, always clear and just everything the sea looks like it should be on TV but (in my experience) never is in real life. I’ve obviously just been visiting the wrong beaches! The club was lush too! Comfy beds, nice food, couldn’t have been a better start to the trip!

We went back to the ship to rest and freshen up and were back out in the evening in time to soak up the last of the light on the white washed streets and watch the sunset. It was busy  but not uncomfortably so (Santorini wins that one but we’ll get to that later) and we had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the dock and seeing the lights against the buildings was just a bit magical.

It’s really expensive to travel to the popular Greek islands like Mykonos as a trip in itself but the cruise is a really affordable way to ‘island hop’ and visit some of these amazing locations without breaking the bank. It’s also a nice way to travel without the stress of moving your luggage with you. Like ‘travelling’ but with the safety net of a floating hotel wherever you go. I’m totally sold on cruising now and can’t wait to go on one with the kids!

Also thanks for Aegean Air for my flights – the fanciest European flight I’ve ever taken!


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  1. 31 August, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    I watched all of your YouTube videos about your experience but hopped on over to your blog anyway. It’s great to hear that you liked the cruise element. It is something that I have always been in two minds about and I can’t ever decide whether to take the risk and spend the money to experience it or just go on the ‘normal’ summer holidays that I know and love. Feel a little more inclined to take the plunge now!


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