Magnitone Bare Faced

IMG_6867It’s been a while since I tried a facial cleansing brush so I was excited to try this revamped version from Magnitone but even MORE excited to see how pretty it was when I opened the box. This new, limited edition design by Laura Callaghan jazzes up an otherwise boring looking personal care item enough to motivate me to use it more often but more than that it looks super cute on my bath side. This model also comes with an illustrated bag which is totally waterproof. It’s obviously designed to carry the brush and would be excellent for travel as you can never get 100% of the water out of these things once they’ve been submerged but it’s such a thick, quality travel bag it would be ideal for any product you want to avoid spilling in your luggage/handbag.

IMG_6867My previous Magnitone brush had a dock that charged it which I do kind of miss with this one but everything about the Bare Faced is more compact and travel friendly so a huge dock would take a way from that. The charger is magnetic and can be attached to any USB slot whether that be your computer (again I’m thinking home away from home) or a wall plug. Very handy and it means I don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on ANOTHER charger! I have lost count of the number of old plugs I have that I’m certain I no longer need but daren’t throw away because.. you just never know.

IMG_6874IMG_6870Another update for this model is the sonic technology that in theory gives your face a workout while you cleanse. It gently pulsates as you work it over your skin and it supposed to help maintain tone.. anything to help prevent sagging/dropping is a win for me. I tend to flit between chemical and manual exfoliation depending on how my skin is behaving so bear in mind that these facial brushes aren’t necessarily for everyone but if you aren’t particularly sensitive and you want something to add a bit of oomph to your deep clean I’d give it a go, I always notice a huge improvement after using one for a few weeks. All but for a post brow wax breakout my skin feels clearer and smoother having used this for the past fortnight alone – and that’s not even daily.. I’m just too lazy for that!

IMG_6865There are tons of offers on Magnitone products across the web right now but you can buy this exact, illustrated model online here for £65 down from £85. Top of my wish list is now a shower hammock.. for those of you who remember, my shower has SO little storage it’s hilarious so a handy little holder for this brush would be very useful indeed… and again remind me to use it!!

Miss BB

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  1. 23 December, 2015 / 12:30 pm

    I love the pattern on this! It’d look so pretty in my shower.

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