MakeUp for BIG eyes / MakeUP for SMALL eyes

Here are my tips for you…

Obviously the eye on the left is designed to make your eyes “smaller” and the right “bigger”
And below are all the tools I used…
All of which could be substituted for other similar items you may already have.
Here I have a contour palette… very affordable from ebay, cost around £6/7, just search “contour palette” and you’ll be spoiled for choice…
I used a black and white nyx pencil but you could substitute for black and white khol.. it just won’t blend quite so easily!
Rimmels 3 looks mascara and Urban Decays eyeliner in mary jane
For the darker eye I used the NYX pencil in black bean as a base,
I used a little and blended it over my lid and a little into my socket and just under my lower lashes..
I then used the darkest shade of the contour palette to go over the black … simple!
I used the pencil again just on my upper lashline before using the mascara on the 3rd setting.
On the paler eye I used the shade on the palette closest to my foundation…
I used the second darkest shade on the palette to shade my crease and a little under my lower lashes, I used the lightest colour on the palette to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
I used a little of the liner to define both lash lines.
For this eye I used the first setting on the mascara.
Overall the idea is that lighter colours will give the illusion that your eyes a bigger by opening them up and creating light, darker colours close up that space and create shadows, make the eye appear smaller.
It really all depends on what you want to use this technique for because I find darker more defined eyes draw more attention and make them stand out where as paler colours are more subtle and “everyday”
I was asked recently to do a tutorial for someone who had large eyes and wanted to make them appear smaller/play them down and in all honesty I don’t know how to answer that query… it really all depends on which part of your eye you’re trying to disguise, if it’s your eyelids then a dark colour will shrink them in moments where as if you want to make your eyes themselves appear smaller I would suggest you use paler colours around the eyes so that they stand out less…
Anyone with any other suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment and if you wanna check out my video for this tutorial click the link below
Love you guys
miss BB

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