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Talk about frustrating, I’ve written this post twice already and my internet cut out as it was publishing ans somehow it was lost.. twice. I’ve been so irritated with myself after missing 2 days of this challenge already and so I’m determined to get this posted but as soon as it’s actually live I’m off to scream in to a pillow!

So first things first! A semi-retraction is in order with regard to my last Revolution review. If you saw it you know I was wholey unimpressed by their ‘Majesty’ Lip Kit after it flaked and patched off and applied horribly.. WELL I’ve since tried it a couple more times without the liner underneath and it’s an entirely different product. I’m mad at myself actually, I said only yesterday that I was omitting any lip liners from these reviews because I wanted to test the lip products alone but because it was a ‘kit’ I thought I should use both. I don’t think that liquid lips work all that well over liners in general and can’t say I’ve ever chosen to use one so it’s no wonder it performed differently when worn without. SO for those of you who’ve had a similar experience and have written something off like I did.. or for those of you who loved the colour and were disappointed with my review.. it’s actually an ok liquid lip without the liner.


Moving on to a quick fire review of todays sparkly number (because I can’t bear to type this out for a third time before I can attempt to catch up on my sleep – you see how grouchy I am? I need that sleep!) which is one of MANY sparkly lipsticks Revolutio has launched just in time for Christmas. It’s a glossier finish than I’d usually wear, it did bleed a little (this one could actually have benefitted from the liner – the irony!) and needed to be re-applied more frequently than my satin/mattes but I liked it. I love the colour, it was really comfortable to wear and I perhaps should be more open to a creamier texture now the cold weather has set in and my lips are suddenly incredibly dry.

The packaging is riot because this time last year I spent a small fortune on the MAC Mariah collection just to have a sparkly tube just like this.. only for it to live in a drawer, in its box because it’s too beautiful, too expensive and too hard to get another. At £3 a pop I can afford to lose this and buy 4 more for the same money. As a bit of a makeup magpie I’m very excited that we’re starting to see more exciting things like this as the drugstore and I’m certain I’m not the only one. We all like a bit of sparkle, don’t we? 😉

*now everyone cross their fingers for me that my shoddy wifi will transmit this to whatever device you’re chooseing to read it on*





  1. Kate
    14 November, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Ooh that colour and finish is lovely, AND it comes in sparkly packaging. Sold! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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