MAKEUP REVOLUTION / Why I Stopped Working With Them


In the 9 years I’ve been blogging this is the longest break I’ve ever taken. I was back chatting on YouTube a week after having my second child so truly, I don’t take time off but this felt necessary.

Back in April I made some changes, I’d dropped some freelance work, I’d taken more hours at my office job and I was rediscovering my passion for all things beauty. I tried to keep up with everything but decided to focus on video (since it’s what I most enjoy creating) and the growth I’ve seen on my video based channels (YT and IG) has been insane. When people have asked me where to start in this blogosphere I’ve always advised that they stick to what they enjoy so that it never feels like a chore.. I had slowly turned EVERYTHING in to a chore. Cutting back and refocusing gave me a new excitement for what I was doing and the response is undeniable. If this were a marriage I’d say it feels like the beginning all over again.. and I love it.

One huge reason I lost my love for all of this was my affiliation with Makeup Revolution. This relationship ended this year and the difference in me was noticeable enough for several long time viewers to comment on it. I decided to make a video outlining exactly what happened, how the relationship deteriorated and the broken promises that led to my feeling that I may have outgrown this ‘internet thing’ after all.

I’ve linked the video if you’re interested in hearing the story but either way, I’m in a much better head space these days and filming it gave me an extra level of closure I didn’t realise I needed. I’m not committing to any schedule but having finally got out from under that cloud, I feel like a new beginning in on the horizon

Expect vapid beauty reviews to resume very soon!



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