Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal / MONTH IN MASKS

IMG_9013Apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been busy creating new content ahead of my blog re-launch but I still have a couple of posts left over to share before that happens and this is one of them! Last month I posted a whole bunch of facemasks I’d been using, I love trying new skin treatments and face masks are the most fun, aren’t they? I am particularly fond of peel off and sheet masks because they’re so easy and satisfying to remove but they were definitely not all created equal. Not many masks really wow me these days as I use at least 2 per week and I have tried more than I can remember but this was one of those very rare ‘must blog’ moments for me.

IMG_9014The texture is like thick, gloopy tar out of the sachet and messy so I’d suggest doing this bit over the sink but once it’s on it sets FAST and there’s no chance of it dripping all over the house as you go about your business. After 10 minutes it’s ready to come off and as you tug the first section away you realise why the directions warn you to stay away from your eyebrows and hairline.. this is like a wax strip! It’s not an easy peel off mask if you remove it in good time (the longer you leave it the easier it is to remove but I don’t think you get the same results) and I think that’s part of its appeal, it comes off in one but it leaves a tingle behind that I can only compare to a slap. Once it was off my face felt fuzzy for a good 5 minutes but I love that, I like those masks that ‘burn’ a little too so those more sensitive among you may want to bear that in mind. My skin feels soft and exfoliated and I tend to get a breakout or two in the days following which again doesn’t tend to happen often for me anymore because of how regularly I used these treatments so that’s another bonus for Masque Bar. You can see from the picture below (which was impossible to get my camera to focus on) that it did indeed remove some of the peach fuzz on my face..unfortunately it’s not strong enough to lift the facial hair I’d actually like to get rid of however so I’m not retiring the tweezers just yet!

IMG_9020All in all it’s a real game changer. I think this and the Glamour Base from When have been my standouts from my Month In Masks series and those are the ones I will definitely be repurchasing but if you’re oily and spot prone I think you’ll really like this one.




  1. 3 July, 2016 / 8:35 am

    My skin would love this! I use lots of masks and I have combination to oily skin and during summer my skin needs more attention due to the horrible heat we are experiencing and usually tends to get more oily than usual. I will check this out 🙂


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