#Selfeye With Max Factor Excess Volume


 I was excited to try this newly launched double ended mascara from Max Factor because I do on occasion layer mascaras to get a fuller effect so the idea of it being within one tube definitely appeals. The idea with this 2 step product is that you start with a volumising formula and brush to get your lashes as big as possible before going in with a lengthening option. In my opinion it works better the other way around, I like to lengthen first but I guess that’s a matter of preference.


The eyeliner that has launched to compliment the mascara is actually very nice, it’s long wearing and having used  it for a couple of weeks now I can attest to that. It’s twist up which means no annoying sharpeners and it applies nicely to the waterline which isn’t the case for all liners but is where I typically where mine.


The mascara isn’t the greatest for me, I’m very picky though and I think it’s so difficult to recommend/the opposite when it comes to this kind of product. A blush is a blush, a lipstick is a lipstick but what is my holy grail mascara you may just absolutely hate.. it’s not a one size fits all deal. Max Factor and Covergirl (the US equivalent) are effectively the same brand and the Lash Blast mascara from CG that is raved about online did absolutely nothing for me but make my lashes black, no volume and it’s all about the brush. Maybelline Rocket (also very popular) has an almost identical brush – I don’t like that either. The extending brush in this system is the same and so I knew as soon as I opened it I wasn’t going to love it. I can get some volume but it’s more than a little clumpy and unless we’re talking all out false effect then it’s just not worth the spidery look in my opinion.


Like I say you might love this, I’m expecting to be in the minority because the others are well liked, it’s just me who isn’t a fan but I do very much like the liner and I have passed the mascara on to a friend of mine who has fabulous lashes so go and check out her blog to see what she thinks of it.. always good to get a second opinion, I think.

Mascara is currently on intro offer for £9.99 (will go up to £12.99) and the liner is £4.99 (will be £6.99)

Miss BB

*PR Sample



  1. 27 January, 2014 / 12:08 pm

    Such a shame it didn’t work for you, I’m so fussy when it comes to mascaras and nearly every single mascara everyone has loved and raved about I have hated. I stick to my tried and tested Avon Supershock as I know it gives me everything I want and need xx

  2. 27 January, 2014 / 2:52 pm

    Max Factor mascara is my favourite! (Although I have just written a review of one that may finally be rivalling it after 6 years!)

    Check out my drugstore staples and supplements for clear skin over on my blog.


    Sophie x

  3. 27 January, 2014 / 8:31 pm

    Have you tried the Barry M lash modelling mascara? I think it has a brush you may like. Long and thin with small bristles to really get into the lashes. You can really build it up too.

  4. Jodie
    27 January, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    I don’t think it does much for you to be honest, they’re definitely blacker but they’re not very long. I’ve been trying out the max factor clump defy. The brush is like the rocket with the spikes but a bit smaller and curved so its easier to use.

  5. 28 January, 2014 / 7:58 pm

    Thanks for the review!
    I am pretty lucky and have naturally long lashes, but i still love to wear mascara and i very rarely leave the house without it, so am always on the look out for new ones to try.
    may have to pick this one up to try it for myself while it is on sale… 🙂


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