Maybelline Matte Ink – Lover #30in30


This inclusion wont surprise any of you YouTube viewers since I’ve raved and raved about this product so much already but for those who haven’t already heard my words of love, I’m a fan. They’re a bit of a fussy texture when first applied, you have to wait for them to dry down 100% before pressing your lips together comfortably and that could take a good 5 minutes but trust me, they’re worth it. MAYBELLINE MATTE INK LOVER

The Matte Ink rage from Maybelline is by far my favourite liquid lip of all time (to date.. I’m always hopeful for improvements) because it just lasts so darn well. It is dry and if you’re kind of on the fence when it comes to matte formulas you may not like it but I’ve already converted a couple of my friends and I am so excited to hear they’re planning to release more shades in the new year.


The first time I wore this I went round to a friend’s house for dinner and karaoke (what? It’s our thing!) and after dinner I went to remove my lipstick and reapply (as I usually would) and was shocked that when I removed the top layer there seemed to be another layer of perfect pigment underneath. MAYBELLINE MATTE INK LOVER

I can’t tell you that the darker shades will wear as well and I know these berry neutrals are not always the best test of formula cause they aren’t super unflattering on my lip colour even when they do wear away but it just lasts so long that I had to write it up for this series. I will be picking up more when the range is extended so look out for more on these from me.



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