May/June wedding?

Frustrated isn’t the word!
I found out this week that I won’t be divorced until January or February at the latest and Lees divorce could be 2 or 3 months later still… ugghhh!! Why does it have to be this difficult?
His ex has caused trouble but mine hasn’t so I don’t know why it takes so long… whatever, we’re trying to remain positive.. just means that the chances of me being pregnant on our wedding day are now a lot higher.. especially as Lee has now had his varicocele emobolisation.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about go and have a look at my babymaking blog..
So anyway… IF I got pregnant over Christmas it would mean I can’t fly after June/July as I would be in my third trimester and Doctors don’t advise it.. so if we are going to get married in thr US as we sooo want to then it has to be done by like June but I could have a bump and we MIGHT not be divorced!
I had a dream last night that everything slotted in to place and I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d secretly arranged for us to be in New York all of a sudden and filled in all the necassary paperwork etc, big surprise.. then I realise we’re not divorced yet and I wake up.
I hate being out of control! It’s been made so much worse by the threat of infertility.
It means we really aren’t in charge of ANYTHING!
I guess as one of my readers said, doing it all in February would have sucked a little because then all of the special occasions you would celebrate every year would be around the same time… but it was special to us because we got engaged in New York this year on my birthday (4th feb) it would have been really magical to go back and get married.
But hey ho, that’s life, I guess it’s asking a lot to find the man you actually want to spend your life with and be able to marry him when he wants to marry you…
Rant over.. for now!
I get little bursts of frustration now and then and this is the best forum to vent..
Talking of forums… I wonder when that hater group will pick up on all this… baring in mind what they say about other people they would have a field day with Lee and I getting divorced from out ex’s to be together… I will no doubt at some point be branded a “homewrecker” whether is be of my home or his but let it be known now.. That’s the one thing they can talk shit about and it won’t get a’ll piss me off but I won’t argue… how can I? it’s an unbelievable story but one day I’ll tell it to you.. every detail
For now, thanks for listening and keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂


miss bb


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